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Average increase in standardized math scores seen by
students who regularly start the day with a healthy breakfast.

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The problem

Children in America are suffering. Our Children. Hunger is robbing them of their childhood.

For a child in America, possibilities should be limitless. We teach our children to aim high…to reach for the stars. The hopes of a nation rest on our children’s shoulders; our continued prosperity becomes their responsibility.
Yet within the borders of our country, the limits of our cities, the blocks of our neighborhoods, the walls of our schools, a lack of nourishment is eroding our children’s potential.
That is not someone else’s problem. It is ours to solve. We can all do something to undo childhood hunger.
We will not let their opportunities to succeed be diminished by hunger. Empty stomachs will not determine who they will be and what they can accomplish.
Each and every one of us will take responsibility for the children who are hungry in our neighborhoods. They are our children. Yours and mine. They belong to us and we refuse to ignore a problem that has existed for so long in a country with so much bounty and excess.
Every boy and every girl should be able to dream big and make those dreams a reality.
We will take ownership of hunger here. By investing our time, energy and resources, we can be part of the solution to end childhood hunger. We can fill bellies. Turn fear into hope. Opportunities to succeed will no longer be diminished by a problem that is within our power to solve.

We will do whatever it takes to assure that no child in America will ever have to say, "Hunger Is Me."

Our work

The Albertsons Companies Foundation and the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) have come together to launch Hunger Is, a joint charitable program designed to raise awareness, engage volunteers and raise funds in support of our mission to eradicate childhood hunger in America.
Funds raised through the program, both online and in Albertson's family of stores during the month of September, will go toward innovative and effective programs throughout the country focused on eliminating childhood hunger. During the inaugural year, 2014, breakfast programs were the main focus, providing children with a healthy start to their day and the best chance to excel.
As program elements and features have developed, additional investments will continue to be made to:

Know the facts

Understanding the true reach of childhood hunger in America is the first step to confronting this crisis:


Solving childhood hunger is not a challenge we can overcome alone. Find out more about current food assistance programs and other organizations working in communities across the country to combat this crisis.

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