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Kids Helping Kids: Kylee’s Kare Kits for Kidz

April 7, 2015

When 10-year-old Kylee McCumber noticed kids eating breakfast at her school cafeteria in Leominster, Massachusetts one morning, she wanted to know why they hadn’t just eaten at home like she had.

Her grandmother, Lori, told her it was because those kids didn’t have breakfast at home; Kylee couldn’t believe it. ‘What happened to these kids when school was closed on the weekends?’ she wondered.

Immediately Kylee wanted to help. “I told her that if she could come up with an idea, we could do something to help the kids,” Lori said. Kylee did some research and quickly came up with the idea for Kylee’s Kare Kits for Kidz. She would raise enough money to buy food and create a Kare Kit that would contain enough to feed a child for the weekend. Her goal was to feed 10 children.


“She came home one day and said she wanted to do a yard sale, and sell everything for a dollar. She made cookies, had lemonade and sold many of her old belongings. She did this twice and we raised $1,100,“ Lori said. After gaining permission from the principal, Kylee began making her Kare Kits. In her first week she helped feed eight children. She quickly reached her goal of helping 10 children, and by the end of her first year she was providing Kare Kits for 50 children each week.

Today Kylee, now 13, is able to provide food for 204 children on a weekly basis. Each Friday, Kylee and 18 of her friends get together to make the kits in her basement. Lori and other volunteers help to deliver the kits. All of the food for the Kare Kits is made possible by food and monetary donations from people around the country.

“I was always taught it was better to give than to receive,” Kylee says. When asked what her ultimate goal is for her Kare Kits, she says, “I’m going to do this until no child goes to bed hungry.” At Hunger Is, this is our goal as well.